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Abdollahzadeh M, Tahmasebi Boroujeni S, Arabameri E. (2023). Does Swimming Moderate the Negative Effects of Maternal Deprivation on Hippocampal BDNF Levels, Spatial Learning and Motor Function?. IJMCL. 5(2), 21-28. doi:10.61186/ijmcl.5.2.21
URL: http://ijmcl.com/article-1-139-en.html
Associate Professor, Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences in Sport, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Health, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. , shahzadtahmaseb@ut.ac.ir
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Background: Previous research has emphasized the negative impact of early maternal deprivation on learning and memory. On the other hand, the role of training on cognition has been examined. However, whether neonates are given exercise at the same time as being deprived of their mothers is a novelty of this research. We also considered the study of underlying mechanisms, such as the study of changes in BDNF levels.  So, the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of swimming training on spatial learning, memory and motor function in male rats under early deprivation. Methods: Twenty-eight rats divided into four groups: Early maternal deprivation (EMD), Swimming Training (ST), EMD+ST group, and Control (CON) groups. The rats were exposed to deprivation for 10 days, three days a week for 30 minutes. The rats were at 33 postnatal days and their spatial learning and memory were assessed using the Morris Water Maze (MWM) test. Rats' motor function was assessed by the Open-Field (OF) test. Finally, after the extraction of the hippocampus, BDNF protein was measured by ELISA. Results: The results of this study revealed that male rats exposed to EMD had learning and spatial memory impairments, lower hippocampal BDNF protein levels. In addition, swimming alone has a positive impact on the BDNF protein level and motor function. Conclusions: Despite these findings, due to the high intensity of stress, swimming could not modify the irreparable effects of deprivation.

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  • Rats exposed to Early maternal deprivation (EMD) + Swimming Training (ST) and individual ST groups.
  • The memory of the offspring measured by the level of the BDNF, MWM test, and OF test.
  • Early deprivation decreased hippocampal BDNF level significantly.
  • ST moderated the adverse effect of early deprivation.
  • ST as a non-pharmacological solution would moderate the effects of stress caused by EMD.

Type of Study: Original Article | Subject: 1. Motor learning
Received: 2023/02/6 | Accepted: 2023/05/13

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