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  • Improving the quality of life of students has become one of the main educational concerns.
  • Perceived social support directly and positively affects the quality of life.
  • Self-esteem has been able to play a mediating role between perceived social support and quality of life.

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  •  In today's world, mechanization of lifestyle has caused wrong postural habits, especially in the head and neck area.
  •  Forward head posture causes abnormal contractions and muscle imbalance 
  • The implementation of the dual task (cognitive-balance) weakens the dynamic balance of participants with forward head posture and normal participants.
  • Forward head posture will cause the loss and decrease of the stability of the person's posture.


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  • Examining motor control theories in children’s kicking performances.
  • Failing to support the speed-accuracy trade-off in children’s kicking performances.
  • Failing to support impulse-variability theory in children’s kicking performances.

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